On the one hand, I don’t want to have to use different products for different parts but, alas, each part of us needs help a bit differently. The RE9 Advanced line includes two specialty products that are worth mention. The Neck Cream is formulated especially for the the effects of aging in the neck and chest area. The Body Sculpting Cream is perfect for the aging mid-section.

We all age but we can age gracefully. Check out the entire RE9 Advanced line at Http://

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"Winter is upon us"


Winter means dry skin.  I think we tend to forget our skin in the winter when it is not exposed.  Now is the time to maintain your beautiful supple skin so it will be ready to be exposed when the nice weather comes.  Arbonne® offers many choices of moisturizers.  Two of my favorites are the RE 9 Body Duo and the Remineralizing lotion from the Spa Detox Line.  The body duo includes two complementary products from teh RE9 including a body serum and a moisturizer and they are intended to be used together but I ran out of lotion first and still use the serum under my regular moisturizer.  This is a great all over body treatment especially after a bath which tends to pull the moisure out of your skin.  These products are available together as a PWP for any Preferred Client or Consultant when they spend $150 retail.  It is a great price break to allow you to sample these great products.  I have written about the Remineralizing lotion in past blog posts.  I use it regularly and love the feel of my skin.  I will continue to sample other moisturizers from Arbonne® so I can give you my opinions of each one.  

Remember that special offers are only available to Preferred Clients.  Sign up today and you are eligible for the Ultimate Value Pack where you can select $325 of product for only $200 and still receive a free gift.  If you have any trouble signing up at my site, please contact me and I will email you a registration number that will simplify the process.  Sign up at Exquisite Skin by Arbonne today.

Start using Arbonne® Anti Aging products today and look and feel younger by next week!


Ahhh! Arbonne

There is no better way to start the day than with an Arbonne® SeaSource Detox Shower.  If you’ve been reading my blog then you know that the Foaming Salt Scrub is my favorite product.  It is keeping my skin silky smooth all over my body and I love it.  I like to follow up with the Rescue Wash and, not pictured here…I finish with the Remineralizing Lotion.  I used to have problems with itchy skin that was apparently caused by flaking skin.  Regular use of the Foaming Salt Scrub removes dead skin flakes and leaves my skin feeling invigorated and ready to pounce on the day.

Check out my site and learn how you can save 20% and qualify for a free gift and many PWP options.  If you are interested in a SeaSource sample pack including the Foaming Sea Salt Scrub, Detox Wash and Renewing Body Gelee, Contact me with your mailing address.


My favorite eye makeup remover When a fellow Arbonne consultant suggested that I try the Eye Makeup Remover, I really didn’t imagine there was anything special about it…I was pleasantly surprised. It is not oily and leaves no residue. You can put makeup back on immediately after using this remover. It is also great for touch ups and corrections. I use a Q tip to remove any errant placed eye makeup while not affecting the rest of the job. It is so gentle you can use it as close to your eyeball as you need. I am a klutz with eye liner and often have to get out the Q tip and remove eye liner from my lower lids and I am even worse at applying Mascara. Arbonne Eye Makeup Remover is another product that I can highly recommend from personal experience. Click the photo to check out the entire Arbonne line and follow me on Facebook for the latest Arbonne News


The ultimate in at home spa luxury! Arbonne SeaSource Detix Spa Purifying Sea Soak.
I am a strong believer in salt and mineral baths for softening skin, detox and soothing aching muscles. My favorite bathing indulgence a soak in thus wonderful blend. After a 29-30 minute soak, don’t towel dry right away as the seawater minerals continue to treat the skins surface after soaking, while the skin is still damp. Remember that your bath water should be approximately body temperature and never soak more than 30 minutes. It is very important to moisturize after a mineral bath and the Re-Mineralizing Body Lotion is the perfect compliment to the Sea Soak.

Indulge yourself today with the entire SeaSource Detox Spa line from Arbonne. Enjoy it even more at a 20% discount by becoming a Preferred Client today. Qualify for a free product gift and many PWP options that make your discount even higher.
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This is a great tip for eye liner, I love Arbonne Olive, dark but not black!

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I had a little extra time this morning and decided a little extra face pampering was in order. I laid out my products ahead of time so I would not forget a step. My FC5 cleanser is not shown because it is in the shower waiting for me.
After my shower I applied a liberal coat of SeaSource Detox Spa Sea Mud Face & Body Mask and relaxed for 15 minutes. I love how you can feel your skin tightening as the mask dries. I used to have blemish prone skin but since I began the Arbonne system, I hardly see any blemishes. Yes, I still do get blemishes occasionally but I find that with regular use of the mud mask, these blemishes are smaller, less painful and dry up very quickly. This mask can be used on the entire body if you have a helper to get to the places you cannot reach. I have never felt my skin to be so noticeably clean as it does when I use the mask. Since I was nursing a small blemish, I applied the Clear Advantage Spot Treatment. (Using these two products dried up the blemish by the next day).
Next up, a few spritzes of RE9 Advanced Regenerating Toner, rich in anti-oxidants and vitamins to refresh the skin. I love that this Toner is a spray, it is very refreshing and I often spritz during the day just fir a little revitalization. I have a travel size that is great for long flights. Feeling refreshed I applied the Corrective Eye Cream to the dark bags under my eyes and then the instant lift gel which works quickly to tighten and firm the skin. This gel needs to dry a few minutes before applying the Intensive Renewal Serum. This is a powerful blend of collagen supporting ingredients that lift and firm the skin while diminishing the appearance of fine lines. Next in line is the Extra Moisture Day Cream with SPF protection. Normally I would apply make up at this point but since I was not going out, I chose the Glow Highlighter to complete my clean and fresh look.
This all may seem like a lot of products and a lot of time but keeping a youthful appearance is important to me. I am sorry that I never took before photos so you can see the differences that are obvious to me. My brow lines are almost invisible and fine lines around my lips and eyes are virtually gone. I get blemishes much less frequently and they dry up very quickly.

Join the Arbonne community today and save 20% on a really great skin care system that will help you feel younger. I love what I see in the mirror every day. Visit today. Contact me about choosing the Arbonne line that is right for you.


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In order to keep my customers well informed about the different Arbonne® lines, I like to switch up and change my routines every now and then to try another great product by Arbonne®.  Recently I ordered the FC5 Swiss Exfoliating Body Scrub with fresh strawberry cell extracts and Moisture Fresh™ Complex.  If you’ve been following my blog then you know I am a big fan of the SeaSource Detox Foaming Sea Salt Scrub.  I like body scrubs in general, I feel that removing dead skin cells is the first step to preventing itching from dry skin.  The FC5 Scrub is a botanical based product and the SeaSource scrub in mineral based.  Both have a pleasant awakening aromas in the shower.  The FC5 scrub has a nice stimulating scent and a cooling gel base that feels especially nice after hot and sweaty exercise.  It exfoliates, gently foams and polishes skin leaving it smooth, fresh and visibly hydrated.  This product is nicely priced at $30 for an 8 ounce jar but remember that you can become a Preferred Client and receive 20% off all your purchases.  You can contact me directly to sign up or you can sign yourself up at Exquisite Skin by Arbonne® by clicking on the link under Join Arbonne on the right hand side of the screen.  If you are already an Arbonne® user, please like my facebook page Exquisite Skin by Arbonne® and leave a post or comment about the your favorite Arbonne® products.

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